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Whether you are looking to pursue your passion for art for the first time, looking to expand your technique and enhance your expertise or simply looking for a creative outlet, my doors are open. All levels from beginner to advanced are welcome!


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* prior to start of course, student will receive a full refund of course fees less $40*

           after the first class, student will receive a full refund of course fees less $40 administration charge and the cost of one private class $80.

No refund will be made after the second class.


Learn the techniques of oil and acrylic painting in a fun environment. Designed for beginner or intermediate students who would like to brush up on the basics. Learn how to choose the right materials as well as the basics of composition, color mixing, use of a medium, glazing and varnishing. For more advanced students, the development of a personal style is encouraged.

 8 sessions $340


Interested in the fundamentals of drawing? This class will focus on perfecting line, form, composition, positive and negative space, light and shade. Learning about value and shading will give the illusion that the objects have volume and will make your drawings look three dimensional and lifelike. My curriculum will vary based on your drawing level.

  8 sessions $340


This class is a complete eye-opener. Never guess a colour again! Color mixing is the backbone of painting and essential for every painter. Most of us understand the basics of the colour wheel: from primary and secondary colours to how certain colour combinations work together. In this workshop everything will be covered, from exploring values and tones to working with various color schemes for a harmonious painting such as Analogous, complementary, Triad and tetrad color combinations.

 3 day workshop $295


Devised in the Italian Renaissance, linear perspective is a system of creating the illusion of depth in drawing and painting. Knowing and applying a few simple rules will help you to create convincing interior and exterior spaces. In this 3 day workshop, you will learn how to use one and two point perspective to draw rooms, invented spaces, interior and exterior of buildings from life and photographs.

Price: $ 360.00
To be announced

  4 day workshop $360


A practical course for beginners and experienced artists aimed at those who want to explore the creative possibilities of collage in their art making. Collage describes both the techniques of pasting diverse materials onto various surfaces and the resulting work of art. In this Three-day workshop students are encouraged to create a unique mixed media art by combining collage with painting, drawing and print. No previous experience or skills are necessary!

  3 day workshop $280


In this one-day workshop, we will learn how to respond, interpret meaning and make critical judgments about specific works of art. We learn to connect with a work of art on a personal level and talk about it using two methods of Art Criticism; the Feldman’s and the Horner’s models of responding to art.

  1 day workshop


Aerial or Atmospheric Perspective is the effect that the atmosphere has on the color and tone of a landscape when it is viewed over a distance. Aerial perspective or Atmospheric perspective conveys depth through variations of values (lights and darks), colors and clarity of elements. In this workshop we will apply all the elements of aerial perspective to draw sceneries outdoors.

Price: $ 100.00
to be announced

  1 day workshop


Price: $ 260.00
to be announced

  3 day workshop


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