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Atelier Homeira

My art classes are in groups of no more than 6-8 students, allowing for a very personalized learning experience. All levels from beginner to experienced artists are welcome. Whether you are looking to pursue your passion for art for the first time, looking to expand your technique and enhance your expertise or simply looking for a creative outlet, my doors are open!


Fall 2019 :  18 September - 22 November

Cost: $330 for 10 classes or $40 per class


Interested in the fundamentals of drawing? My teaching will focus on perfecting line, form, composition, positive and negative space, volume, light, shade as well as perspective in your drawings. My curriculum will vary based on your drawing level.


Interested in painting? Basic tools and techniques in oil or acrylic painting are covered in my class. Drawing, composition, color mixing, use of a medium, glazing and varnishing will also be covered. For more advanced students, I will work with you on advancing and developing your personal style of painting.


Homeira Mortazavi
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