Exhibition Eco Nexus, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020

Homeira Mortazavi, Teresa Calandra, Patricia Miani, Ulises Peluffo

David Usher Ambasador of Canada, Homeira Mortazavi Artist, Honorable Pablo Rodriguez ex Minister of Culture and Heritage and current Leader of the Government in the House of Common, Patricia Miani Director of Brota Residency

Portrait of Mirta Legrand

The Honorable Pablo Rodriguez Canada's previous Minister of Culture at my show

Portrait of Cristina Kirchner, twice President and current Vice president of Argentina

portrait of Teresa Calandra

Portrait of Cristina Kirchner , twice President and curent Vice president of Argentina

David Usher Canada Ambassador in Argentina with Homeira Mortazavi, Honorable Pablo Rodriguez and Patricia Miani

Nectar one of my paintings created in Buenos Aires

Vernissage Eco Nexus with Lola Montico on my left side and Patricia Miani

Painting of Moira Ivana Millan, Mapuche Activist from Argentina

Patricia Miani beside her artwork with Teresa Calandra

Beatriz Ventura Canada Cultural attaché in Buenos Aires on left beside her Olivier Hanocq owner of Lepi Boulangerie .......

Portrait of Susana Gimenez and Moria Casan

vernissage Eco Nexus Avant Premiere

With support of the Canadian Embassy in Argentina

Eco Nexus Exhibition 2020

poster eco nexus canadian embassy (1)

2020groupshowposter Andrea Galleria

with Adriana Budich

Adriana Budich Gallery

Galleria Adriana Budich, Buenos Aires

Adriana Budich Galleria

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