Printed on plexiglass

8 x 12 Inches

Limited edition

Signed with certificate of authenticity


Clothes give us clues about a person’s time in history; social class, traditions, power, profession as well as geographic location. But a nude is timeless. It belongs to the past, present and future, free from social class and geography. A nude is the ultimate symbol of freedom and awakening. In my digital painting Cosmic Connection, we see the possibilities of a person who is awakening to the vibrations and the language of the cosmos!

The colors in this work, hues of green, blue, indigo, purple and white, correspond to the colors of higher chakras. Our connection to our higher self, regardless of our gender, is possible through our feminine side. In Cosmic Connection our feminine side is being awakened to fulfill its calling.





This unique collection of 14 digital paintings from the Iconic Women series, is inspired by the female form and flowers. Each work celebrates the power of the female body in its natural state; being a life giving and nourishing force of nature. The series also connect us to the feminine aspect of our essence where our intuition and new ideas are born. This is the part that cares for the self, others and nature, regardless of our gender.

“I am intrigued to paint the beauty of women and flowers, two elements that touch me deeply. After all, I am an extension of nature, the rest is just an amusement.” Homeira Mortazavi.