04 Mar 2021

Homeira Mortazavi Art Works for Sale, 33 Contemporary, Artsy

Click on the images to shop or click the link below to see all the available works on Artsy https://www.artsy.net/artist/homeira-mortazavi

14 Jul 2020

Eco Nexus, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2020

Eco Nexus Exhibition with the support of the Canadian Embassy in Argentina and Brota Residency

15 Jan 2019
05 May 2018
21 Aug 2017

Exposition De L’Ame Nue, 2017

نگاهی به آثار حمیرا مرتضوی، نقاش زیبایی‌های زنانه Link: Sharifian, Ali, « A Look at Homeira Mortazavi’s works, painter of feminine beauty », in Kayhan London1st May, 2017


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